It's official: the Government wants you to play croquet!

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It's official: the Government wants you to play croquet!

Let us explain…

Of course, croquet isn’t the only game the Government is happy for you to play in these Covid-19 times – click here and scroll down – but it’s surely one of the most fun and quintessentially English options open to you, but then we would say that, as at Quorporate Games we specialise in three games all spelt with ‘qu’ – croquet, petanque and quoits. And before you ask, no, we haven’t come up with our own version of quidditch – we’re not that clever.

Croquet was invented by the Jaques family – note the ‘qu’ spelling! John Jaques II introduced the game to the world at the Great Exhibition in 1851 and the family have been making high quality croquet sets ever since. Other theories as to the exact origins of the game are available, but we like this one best. Naturally, all of our croquet equipment – mallets, balls, hoops, centre pegs and corner flags – is of course made by Jaques. So not only is the game quintessentially English, but if you book Quorporate Games to run some croquet for your event we will deliver you an authentic experience.

For corporate events we’ve adapted the shorter and more interactive game of Golf Croquet so it’s less genteel and more competitive, and we only mention rules if they help with play so it’s lots of fun for the team. Please don’t tell the Croquet Association! Men and women compete on level terms and no previous experience or physical prowess is required so everyone can join in. You can learn, chat and play at the same time and we won’t ask you to jump through any hoops! We keep things simple so you can pick up croquet quickly and enjoy the game right off the bat – or mallet, as we say in croquet.


Croquet is a non-contact sport, so official government guidance allows up to 6 socially distancing players to be on the same croquet lawn. If your group will have a fixed start time one croquet coach can look after two lawns so 12 people can play at the same time, and with a second coach this can be doubled to 24 players, space allowing. On that subject, give us a reasonably flat surface of well-mown grass – ideally about 12m x 15m for each lawn – and we can pop up almost anywhere!

Pimm’s and croquet!

Just in case you were wondering why Pimm’s is so popular with croquet. Well, it was in 1851 that John Jaques II won his gold medal for establishing the game of croquet, and in the very same year a certain Mr Pimm opened his London factory to begin large-scale production of the popular drink he had perfected back at the oyster bar he owned in the City of London. And so it is today that some people believe if you play croquet you must drink Pimm’s, and just as importantly if you drink Pimm’s you must play croquet!

ETV Newsletter Reader Offer

As we can handle both smaller and larger groups, for 2020 Quorporate Games is offering a price reduction if the group is 6 or fewer people. For readers of this newsletter, and for the months of August and September only for events taking place at an ETV venue, we will apply this reduction to groups of over 6 people as well.

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