"Time to Pull Together" says THAT Event Company

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"Time to Pull Together" says THAT Event Company

It is undeniable that the events industry has been hit hard by Covid-19 and it is scary to think that we are just at the beginning.

At That Event Company we truly believe that this is the time in which to pull together as a community, help those who are in need and prepare for how the future may look. Because the work and enquiries have quietened down for us, we have taken it upon ourselves to think consciously about how to help our local area’s from simply knocking on neighbour’s door and organising groups of volunteers in a productive and safe manor.

As a group of course our fellow companies and partners are very important to us, we therefore made the decision to wave our cancellation policy because let’s face it, no-one is at fault. In the office a simultaneous decision was made to support any cancellations and offer a discount on new enquiries for those working on the front line of battle with the Corona Virus.

A result of the time made available to us we collectively got together to design and create a green screen in the warehouse. This was an idea originated as a means of providing virtual events for those who are limited by the regulations put in place surrounding Covid-19. This green screen provides a diverse approach for a someone to address as many people as required whether that be accompanied by a PowerPoint or for yoga and fitness classes, the options are endless.

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