Lillibrooke Manor's New Additions!

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Lillibrooke Manor's New Additions!

You may have heard that Lillibrooke Manor is home to the Great Barn: one of the largest grade II listed barns in the south of England. But did you hear? We have just made it greater!

The Great Barn’s beauty has been maintained for hundreds of years since the 1700’s and was previously used as a place to store large grain drying bins; a key part of a working farm. But with its ability to host 220 people, its wrought iron chandeliers, a stunning high beamed ceiling, and a fabulous hexagonal Engine House attached, just how has this magnificent barn become greater?

Over the last eight months, a team of selected professionals and craftsmen have worked long and hard to bring you a first-class luxurious toilet wing which is attached to the east-side of the building. This extension not only brings you high end modern facilities, but also maintains the Great Barn’s historical beauty, which is displayed in the form of an internal rustic feature wall of red brick and blackened wood featherboarding. The external details mirror the Great Barn’s; from the handmade roof tiles, to the stunning lead work detail around the arched columns.

Not only is this addition bringing luxury to Lillibrooke, it also provides much improved wheelchair access, more spacious baby changing facilities, energy efficiency (including underfloor heating!) and whisper quiet ventilation, and full health & safety, fire and building regulations compliance.

But this is not the only exciting development at Lillibrooke Manor this year!

We have also used our selected professionals to create a brand new industrial kitchen which allows our highly-talented chefs to work in a space on-par with their skills. This new kitchen will assist the chefs in creating incredible food as it has brand new state-of-the-art facilities. Not only has a new kitchen been built on the west of the estate, but also our professionals have renovated the west barn into a beautiful complementary area for utility space and storage. This large scale development has been built in the same style as the Great Barn and its new east wing. Again, with red brick and wooden panelling, this beautiful addition and renovation makes Lillibrooke even more perfect for your event or celebration.

If you are intrigued by our brilliant new additions and have any questions about it, or would like to book Lillibrooke Manor for your event, please do feel free to contact us!

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