A BBC MasterChef inspired experience

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A BBC MasterChef inspired experience

It was a proud moment for us here at L’Ortolan to first see Gareth, our talented sous chef on the big screen, and with something as highly regarded as BBC’s MasterChef: The Professionals, we were all on tenterhooks watching his TV debut.

With incredible comments from his first dish, right through to his last in in the semi-finals, we knew we needed to share some of his inspired creations with our friends of L’Ortolan.
Experience the mouth-watering flavour sensations of our very own MasterChef: The Professionals contestant, Gareth Howarth
An exclusive MasterChef inspired dish
Inspired by his experience on MasterChef: The Professionals, enjoy Gareth’s mouth-watering flavours and stunning food combinations.
Torched halibut, braised gem, beurre blanc
Choose this stunning dish when dining with us for just £10 supplement.
A Masterclass with a MasterChef
Take an incredible two hour morning cookery masterclass journey with our sous Chef, Gareth. Followed by canapés and a glass of sparkling wine, a three course lunch, coffee and petit fours.

Gregg Wallace: ‘I think your presentation is extraordinary, I think your flavours are extraordinary, and I absolutely love that. All those flavours I’m picking up. Sweet, sharp, sour, fruity, Szechuan and lavender. Its lovely, I don’t think I’ve tasted anything quite the same as that. So that has come as a wonderful surprise to me.’

Monica Galetti: ‘The cooking of the duck, definitely much better than the first time around. I love the sharpness coming through, with the different fruit, with the peaches. It’s a great first dish. I like a lot of what’s on here.’

Marcus Wareing: ‘You’ve just about kept it on the savoury side enough for me. The peach chutney’s delicious. Your sauce is big and its bold.Gareth, overall, I like the dish. Very tasty, refreshing, risky, but not bad.’

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